Washington DC

Karlisima on the scaffold at the National Gallery of Art, Washington,

                                                                       executing the Sol LeWitt Wall Drawing #65. May 2004. See the National

                                                                       Gallery of Art's Website for more images of Wall Drawing #65. You may

                                                                       also visit and see the Wall Drawing #65 in the East Building of the

                                                                       National Gallery of Art, Washington, D.C. (Modern Art Building)

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(Photo Above) Friends of Karlisima: Any Papodoupolus & her

son Christos during a visit in Maryland Summer 2009

<Karlisima painting

                                          Lamento Indigena II.

(Photo above)

Byron Peck & Karlisima on scaffold, painting the

General Wallace Mural in Ottawa, Illinois,

Summer 2002.

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Karlisima painting the Panda Bear for
PandaMania in
Washington D.C. 2004
(Google "Pandamania" for more images)
(<Photo to the left): Karlisima & her mother, Dr. Mayamerica Cortez, at the Hispanic
Heritage Celebration in the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce in Long Island, New York.
Photo above to the right: Karlisima on the scaffold painting the Mama Ayesha's
Restaurant Presidential Mural, Summer 2008.
Photo below: Karlisima and Rafael Crisontomos on top of the Scaffold of the Mama
Ayesha's Restaurant Presidential Mural, Titled: "Keep Driving On."
Mural by Karlisima. All Rights Reserved.
Address of Mural: The Mama Ayesha's Restaurant~ 1967 Calvert Street NW
Washington, D.C. 20009. www.MamaAyeshas.com

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